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Skate Park

Admission Fee


The Skate Park has been designed for use by skateboarders and rollerbladers. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, please observe the following:
  • No added obstacles.
  • No food or beverages inside the grinding rail area.
  • No alcoholic beverages. No glass containers or products.
  • No smoking. No profanity.
  • No bicycles or scooters in the Skateboard Facility.
  • No graffiti or stickers.
  • No grinding except in the Skateboard Facility.
  • Skateboarders and Rollerbladers using this facility are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. You are subject to a citation if you do not comply with these requirements. Rollerblading by adults and Skateboarding by persons over age 14 are deemed to be hazardous recreational activities and the City may not be liable for injuries to such persons at this facility.
  • Immediately report all injuries to City Hall at 949-707-2600.
  • LHMC 1-32.010,8-04,11-32