Will there be a smell in my kitchen?

Current participants in other cities have cited no smelly kitchens! There are many ways to alleviate smells. Some people use kitchen pails with a closed lid, some pails even have carbon/charcoal filters. Keeping the kitchen pail or food scraps in the freezer until collection day is an option to alleviate smell. Dumping your pail out in the cart frequently also helps.

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1. Will it affect my rate?
2. Will I be fined if I don’t do this?
3. When will I get inspected?
4. Is everyone required to recycle organic waste?
5. What if I don't want to participate in CR&R's organic curbside collection of food waste + yard waste?
6. Regarding changing cart colors, what type of each material should be placed in each container?
7. Why are cart colors changing?
8. What will happen to all the food waste being collected?
9. What if I put my food waste in the trash?
10. Why isn't food waste collected separately than green waste?
11. I was already putting my food waste in the yard waste, so how is this a change?
12. Will there be a smell in my kitchen?
13. What kind of food waste can I place in my pail?
14. Will the City provide kitchen pails for indoor collection?
15. Where do I buy a pail?
16. Can I use a plastic bag? Can I use biodegradable bags?
17. What if my organics cart (exterior) gets really dirty or smelly?
18. What about dirty/soiled napkins or towels? Can I place biodegradable cutlery in the food waste cart?
19. May I continue to place yard waste in my green container?
20. Will there be subsequent community workshops or town halls once the new program is implemented?
21. Will the City host classes on home composting?
22. Are residents required to donate food?