Automated Solar Plan Review through SolarApp+

The City of Laguna Hills is excited to announce that it has launched SolarApp+ which offers automated plan review for most residential roof-top solar projects with or without an energy storage system and/or main electrical service upgrade. 

Licensed solar contractors are encouraged to submit plans for eligible systems through SolarAPP+. 

The steps for automated plan review through SolarAPP+ and to get a permit from the City are as follows:

STEP 1: Create/Log into SolarAPP+ Account

STEP 2: Submit Project in SolarAPP+

  • Submit your project through the SolarApp+ website.
  • Pay the processing fee from SolarApp+. This is separate from the City's solar permit fees.
  • Download the approval documents. You will need these to upload into the City's permitting portal when applying for a City permit.

STEP 3: Apply for Permit on the City's Self-Service Permit Portal

  • Register for an account or log into your existing City of Laguna hills' Self-Service Permit Portal account.
  • Choose the SolarAPP+ permit application and complete the steps. Upload the required SolarAPP+ approval documents when prompted.
  • An invoice will be sent for the permitting fees. Invoice can be paid through your Self-Service Permit Portal account, this page, or in person by check payable to the City of Laguna Hills.
  • Once payment is received, the City will then issue the solar permit. Please be sure to have the permit and all approved documents available on site for inspections.

STEP 4: Schedule Inspection


  • Submit for a revision through SolarAPP+
  • You will be provided with a revised SolarAPP+ Approval Document.
  • Navigate to the City's Self-Service Permit Portal.
  • Log in to the account associated with your SolarAPP+ permit.
  • Navigate to Dashboard and click Active Permits.
  • Find the SolarAPP+ Permit Application you’d like to revise.
  • Under the Attachments Tab you can add a Revision file.
  • Schedule another inspection through the City's Self-Service Permit Portal.