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Rooted Volunteer Campaign

The Rooted Volunteer Campaign was created to provide a series of planting events to help beautify our community. Volunteers will head out to different parks and neighborhoods throughout the City to plant various trees and plants in areas of need. All participants will be given a Rooted Volunteer Campaign T-shirt. Pre-registrations is required, so check out below to see our upcoming events and sign up. For more information call 949-707-2680.


October 24th:

Dinosaur Park Planting

This event begins at 9:00am and will meet in the parking lot of the community center. We will planting the hillside adjacent to the playground.

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Neighborhood Planting

This event begins a 9:00am and will meet at the intersection of Largo Drive and Sunburst Avenue. We will be planting the sides of the street and the hill side as you enter the neighbor hood.

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