Public Services

The Public Services Department is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of public facilities including:
  • Landscaping
  • Parks
  • Public streets
  • Storm drains
  • Traffic signals
Map of the zones for the annual street maintenance
  • It investigates and resolves citizen inquires involving public property
  • Coordinates with local, regional, state and federal agencies
  • Administers contracts for maintenance, professional services and capital improvements
  • Issues all transportation, grading and encroachment permits, and handles all water quality issues
This department is composed of 3 divisions:
Mission Statement
Protect and preserve the public's use and ownership of public property and rights-of-way throughout the City. Provide scheduled and preventive infrastructure maintenance services within public rights-of-way for the benefit of the community. Provide, create, and maintain a high quality park and public landscape system that encourages the public's use of park facilities and open space areas, and adds to the overall aesthetic appearance of the City.