Audio Tour

The City offers an audio tour of fossil discoveries which introduces community members to the ancient life that occupied Laguna Hills during the last 17 million years of the Earth's history.

Audio Recording
The audio tour was designed for community members of all ages and is available in both English and Spanish. Its purpose is to guide visitors through the fossil displays and murals featured in the Community Center lobby. Guests also visit the water wall mural and prehistoric playground outside of the Community Center building. Some of the most unique features included in the audio tour are the actual recordings of the scientists and artists who participated in the creation of the displays and murals. Guests will have an opportunity to hear, 1st-hand, from those individuals whose talents were pooled together to create these unique displays.

Guest Control Their Experience
The audio tour guide is a small, hand-held ROM player no larger than a standard cellular phone. No cords or additional equipment are required and visitors simply initiate the tour with the touch of a button. Guests are able to control the length of their tour by moving forward or backward to selected destinations and featured recordings of Scientists and Artists may be repeated at the visitor's discretion.

Audio Player
To participate in the tour, visitors may simply check out an audio player from the Community Center front desk receptionist any time during the center's hours of operation. Families are welcome to participate as well as individuals and the program is free of charge.