Planning Projects & New Developments

Below you will find information on select projects that are being reviewed by Planning Division staff.  If you have any questions regarding the projects, you can contact the Planning Division at 949-707-2600.

The Village at Laguna Hills
Case NumberUSE-0010-2019
Location24155 Laguna Hills Mall
StatusScheduled for Continued Public Hearing June 24, 2021
Project PlannerJay Wuu, Senior Planner
DocumentsVillage at Laguna Hills Staff Report [2mb]
Attachment a - Resolution of Approval for Fifth Addendum to the Laguna [1mb]
Attachment b - Resolution of Approval for the Village at Laguna Hills Project [1mb]
Attachment c - Ordinance Approving and Adopting the Development Agreement [6mb]
Attachment d - UVSP Allowable Residential Units Memorandum (KAMG) [1mb]
Attachment e - Village at Laguna Hills Plan Set [401mb]
Attachment f - UVSP Cross-Section Analysis (PlaceWorks) [1mb]
Attachment g - Parking Study (Linscott, Law, Greenspan, Engineers) [8mb]
Attachment h - Village at Laguna Hills Master Sign Program [72mb]
Attachment i - Housing Accountability Act Memorandum (PlaceWorks) [1mb]
Attachment j - City and SVUSD Correspondence [1mb]
Attachment k - Fiscal Impact Analysis (Kosmont) [1mb]
Attachment l - Public Comments Received [3mb]

Link to Village at Laguna Hills Fifth Addendum to Program Environmental Impact Report (CEQA Review Document)

(Please click here for a PDF of all public comments received as of 3:00pm April 22, 2021. The document includes additional comments received since the publishing of the documents on April 6, 2021, as well as the comments included in Attachment l above. These comments, as well as any additional comments received before the public hearing, will be distributed to the City Council.)

(Please click here for a PDF of supplemental information that will be distributed to the City Council/Planning Agency prior to the public hearing.)

Starbucks/Plant Power
Case NumberUSE-0031-2020
Location24888 Alicia Parkway
StatusApproved March 9, 2021
Project PlannerJay Wuu, Senior Planner
DocumentsPlan Set [90mb]

Taco Bell
Case NumberUSE-0015-2020
Location24888 Alicia Parkway
StatusApproved December 8, 2020
Project PlannerJay Wuu, Senior Planner
DocumentsPlan Set [15mb]

ActivCare Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
Case NumberSDP/CUP/TPM/ZTA-7-18-4244
Location25200 Paseo de Alicia
StatusUnder Construction
Project PlannerJay Wuu, Senior Planner
DocumentsPlan Set [9mb]

Moulton Niguel Water District Operations Center
Case NumberSDP/CUP-4-16-3504
Location26161 Gordon Road
StatusUnder Construction
Project PlannerDavid Chantarangsu, Community Development Director
DocumentsPlan Set [82mb]